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I live on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. I am married with two teenage children, one at Takapuna Grammar school, the other at the University of Auckland. We have one of each – a mathematician/musician and a dancer/artist.

Comments on my crosswords

“Well Maya, I thoroughly enjoyed your puzzle. Some wonderfully devious surfaces and great constructions, lots of why-didn’t-I-think-of-thats, a few that had me thoroughly stumped for far too long. I would nitpick a couple of clues, but certainly less than my checkers do with my clues. I will be coming back for more.”

David Tossman, cryptic crossword setter for the  New Zealand Listener

“Many thanks. Last month’s was a real brain teaser!”

Heather Vermeer, editor of  Channel Magazine

“Congratulations. You have a convoluted, tricky and extraordinarily devious mind. I promise not to disclose this to another soul.”

Kevin Ireland, poet and author.

“Best. Crossword. Ever.”

Tara Eastwood of The Androzani Team.

The Hobson magazine (and on a blog).

LawTalk (the magazine of the New Zealand Law Society) (and on a blog).

Verve magazine (and on a blog).

Forest and Bird magazine (and on a blog).

Channel magazine (and on a blog)

Debate (the AUT student magazine) (and on a blog)

About “Maya”

Maya (Sanskrit माया), literally means “illusion” and “magic”. However, the term has multiple meanings depending on the context … in later Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Maya connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem” (From Wikipedia).

In my opinion, compiling cryptic crosswords is stand-up comedy for introverts. If I can get a laugh (or groan) when someone solves a clue, I feel my work has been worthwhile. 🙂

If you are interested in featuring a quirky, original cryptic crossword, tailored to current events and/or content in a publication, please get in touch.

Credit for the image above “Autumn leaves and lake in Kyoto”.


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